Skincare Classes

First group session agenda

Know your Skin Type + Fitzpatrick

Knowing your skin type is exceptionally important as it drives everything about the texture and types of products you should be using. The more you know about your skin type, the more you’ll be able to help your skin look and feel as normal as possible, and more normalized skin is the goal!

Face Shaping

Your face shape gives you all kinds of insight.  It will help you determine best hair cut to complement our face shape, preferred hair styles to highlight your look and even best makeup techniques to use to bring out every positive feature of you natural bone structure and camouflage the less favorable ones.

What's in your Bag?

Deep dive into what you have been using.  Discuss importance of cleansing makeup brushes and how. How long to keep makeup. Do you have what you need to get started?

Second Group Session

How to Correct + Conceal

Find your best foundation match and learn the right technique to apply like a pro to perfect the skin for the radiant glow.  Leave with products and tips to help conceal dark circles and heal blemishes while you hide them so no one can tell.

How to Create the Natural Look

Enhance your gorgeousness with tips and tricks to create a “I woke up this beautiful” look with subtle makeup in soft, natural hues.

How to Contour & Highlight

Learn the art of contouring for a sculpted and refined look.  Learn the top two techniques for blending, sculpting and highlighting along with brushes bring out the best definition.

How to do the Modern Smokey Eye

Learn how to create a day and nighttime smoke eye so your radiant eyes command attention from everyone in the room.  You will leave with the perfect looks to recreate the look whenever you need a little drama, naturally. 

Girl at DKS skin care class getting lipstick applied
Third Group Session

Sculpting to Contour

Dive deeper into contouring by learning other facia contours for a MORE refined look.

Create Beautiful Brows

Which shape works best to frame you eyes and face shape?  Add depth and definition to create the perfect brow for you.

Perfecting the Eye

Learn three more makeup looks that will have you feeling like you are a makeup guru by te time you leave.  You will leave confident knowing you have the skills and creative ability.

Optional Add Ons

Dermaplane - Reg $135 - Class Price $85

Removes layers of dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and vibrant.  Removes vellus hair.  Softens fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and evens out skin tone and reduces size of pores.  Allows makeup application to be applies easier and skin care products to penetrate more effectively.

Chair Massages

Sit down and relax with an amazing chair massage by one of our trained massage therapists.

Appointments will be confirmed via email
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